Online Parking Permits

City of Vaughan

City of Vaughan introduced electronic parking permits to its residents back in 2018. It was a new way to obtain a permit. The system has not been updated since and at that time accessibility and heuristics standards were not taken into account. The process of obtaining a parking permit needs to be simple and user friendly. 


The user portal needs to incorporate Accessibility standards to ensure its providing a seamless experience to a wide range of users. 

Project Goals

Simplify & Consistency

The process of obtaining a permit needs to be as simple as possible with removing the cognitive overload and present information consistency across the platform so the users are able to relate to it in the real world.


Create an improved experience for the user so they are able to consume the application error-free and enjoy the interaction.

Heuristic Evaluation

A simple Heuristic Evaluation highlights all the issue that could be improved to provide users a better interactivity with the online portal. The objective in this exercise was to outline and determine the scope of the project. 

Recognition rather than Recall & Match between System and the Real World

The placement of action buttons before the Parking Regulations can be easily missed by the user. 


There are many issues here to cover. 

  • Firstly, by simply locating the buttons prior the reminder can easily make the user overlook an important aspect of understanding what regulations are in place. 
  • Secondly, the regulations are not emphasized or highlighted in a way that the user can determine what it is being stated. It lacks visual hierarchy.  
  • There is a missing link between the working and the signs that exist in the Real World. So this critical piece of information can be easily overlooked and missed.
There is a great amount of cognitive load on the user with scattered form fields all over the page
The errors on the account creation page is overwhelming and can force the user to abandon the registration process
Best Practices for Form Design

The best practice is to follow a single column form design for effectiveness. It reduces the cognitive load for the user to complete the task and reduces the path to completion so the eyes don’t travel across the page.


And include a Progress bar which lets the user know where they are in the registration step. 

Confusing and inconsistent layout of the home page
Buy Permits page mimics home page and yet the user does not know which page they are on

Inconsistent and Confusing

The user can be easily lost with the navigation menu. It does not tell the user where they are on the portal.

Worst yet, both Home screen and Buy Permits screen show the same view.

Error Prevention & Help User recognize, diagnose and recover from Errors

There was no clear messaging for users to understand why a user’s Proof of address was rejected in the first place. 

The reason for rejecting the Proof of Address is not provided to the user

Simplified 2-Step Registration Process

Old Navigation Menu
Re-designed version of the Navigation Menu